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Hello, just a question about multisite with Veeam.

I have 4 ESX boxes over 2 sites with a 4Mb link. Would it be advised that I install 2 x instances of Veeam Backup (one in site1, one in site2).... Or attempt to manage them both from a single site?

I would rather have one for each site, would this cause any problems or require more licensing?

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Re: Multisite

Post by Gostev »

Hello! Sure, 2 instances is definitely a way to go. Our achirecture is specifically designed to accomodate scenarios like this. Just install Veeam Backup server instance in each site, and federate them using the Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager for consolidated monitoring and reporting, and to easily control jobs across all sites. This way you can do fast and efficient local backups in each site. No need for more licenses as long as total source CPU socket count across all sites is not exceeded. Thanks!
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