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NAS Encryption with iSCSI

Post by Robdigi »

I'm implementing a new backup solution using Veeam v5, and I was hoping to get some opinions on my strategy.

Veeam will run inside a VM using virtual appliance mode.

The backups will need to be encrypted per our policy.

The target device will be a QNAP TS-459U-RP+ NAS. I planned to use the device's built-in encryption. I also wanted to connect the NAS via iSCSI.

Will there be any issues with this setup?

It seems like it will work in theory, but I know the real world is different than my theories. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: NAS Encryption with iSCSI

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Your setup looks good, but for one thing - I've seen some posts from our existing users where they complained about pretty bad iSCSI implementation on QNAP. There are some existing topics about this >

As to encryption options, then some our customers are using EFS for encryption, additionally you can find some forum posts talking about using TrueCrypt to encrypt the filesystem of the removable disks.

Thank you!

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