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NBD without changed block tracking

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after following steps, i get again this info while Replication:

- Esx 4 on source an destination
- latest Veeam
- ctk enabled on guests and their drives
- usage of vStorage Api "Network"
- two replikation since then

Speed is fine :mrgreen: but apparently without block tracking

"Backup mode: NBD without changed block tracking"
in realtime statistics


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Re: NBD without changed block tracking

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Basically, if you've met all the requirements for that: Change Block Tracking, and still do not see that this works for you, please send us the job logs from Help|Support Information to

However, please be aware that when a backup job first starts, the the Realtime Statistics says "NBD without changed block tracking" (while VMX and other config files are replicated), and then after a few seconds it changes over to "NBD with changed block tracking" (when actual virtual disk files are processed).

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