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Need to upgrade... ?

Post by unrealism »

We are still rocking Veeam Backup v3.1 and was wondering if any of the new versions supported "Spanned" volume backups yet? I know I checked into this at one time earlier in the year 2011, and it did not. It seems 3.1 will backup or seem to backup the spanned volume but I can not extract or restore it. But I can do so with normal volumes. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Need to upgrade... ?

Post by foggy »

I would definitely recommend to upgrade irrespective of the spanned volumes support. 3.1 is an old and unsupported version with very limited functionality comparing to the recent ones.

As for the spanned volumes, I heard of several customers backing up such VMs reporting the problem with FLR not working for them. However, FLR via Instant Recovery is an option in this case. Thanks.

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