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Network adapter shuts down / backup stops

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I have a standalone Windows 2008 R2 Server, running VCenter and Veeam BR 6.0. Machine: AMD Phenom II X2 560 Processor 3.30 GHz, 8 GB RAM. Nothing fancy, the intent was to have a single box running VCenter and backup software.

VM Environment ESXi v4.1: 2 DELL PowerEdge R710, both have 4 VM machines

I test BR 6.0 for 30 days, no problem. Original BU device Black Armor NAS 220.
A month went by before purchasing license

After installing the license I cannot backup the servers without the network shutting down on the Veeam server. The network adapter stops and I have to do a hard reboot of the server to get it back online, because I am unable to shutdown the backup job or the server. If I attempt to shutdown the server it hangs during the process.

To remedy the issue..
1. Submitted ticket, created and sent the logs as requested
2. On my own, I purchased a new USB NIC, installed, attempted to backup and it failed
3. Support wanted me to manually copy data from the server to the NAS. I moved 400 GB of data without an issue
4. Changed the backup device to a Ready NAS 2100, same problem
5. Got support on the phone and WebEx for about 30 seconds, on hold for 5 minutes, only to be told to create a new VM machine, install the software on it and backup. I resist this because I do not want to burn another Windows license and I prefer fixing the problem on the server I installed for this purpose
6. I removed the BU software, deleted the SQL instance, deleted the MDF / LDF files, reinstalled with the patch 3, created a backup job, but used local C: repository, backed up fine
7. I added a USB Dell RD 1000 device, setup repository, ran backup and it crashed as well

In all crash tests, the backup is only pushing about 20 - 50 GB of data

I have no issues using Windows Backup software to another NAS device. It has worked just fine for about 10 months.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I prefer using the BR softare, but I need to cut bait and get my money back if no solution is found, besides wasting more money by building a new box.

Regards.. MR

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