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New antivirus approaches?

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We run abouy 160 Windows VM's all running their own antivirus software. As we run antivirus on allmost every layer from PC upward, it never catches anything but runs there just in case...
Of course this is a very costly and resource intensive solution. As a prospective Veeam Backup user (planning a pilot run) I wonder if anyone here has a VMSafe antivir product in place?

With Veeam Backup and the Surebackup process in mind, it may make a very nice angle to fit antivirus checking there. This could be implemented in two ways:
- Within Veeam: Changed blocklist yields file to be checked, antivirus check being done during backup as an extra filter on top of compression and deduping. (use those extra cores...)
- From the VM itself: Configure the antivirus product to *only* run during or after boot process, and make it part of the 'surebackup' output.
Of course this doesn't catch viruses realtime, but it sure catches them soon and very efficiently as well. In a multi-tier antivirus protection strategy, this might be an attractive proposition.

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