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New infrastrucre Upgrade recomendations

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Hi, today we have an all VMware infrastructure. (VBR Console, proxies and repositories are all VM ~1 console and multiples proxies/repositories based on data location), with SOBR using offload/copy to cloud object storage.

the veeam database is a external sql database on a sql cluster with other databases.(also VMs)

2 New physical servers will deployed, with SAN access to storages.

Question, what is better?
1 - Deploy these new servers as proxy /repository only servers using the same VM VBR Management Server/Console.
-----easier, since is just deploy new server, create new repos (new direct attached SAN volumes), add to SOBR and evacuate data from old repositories.

2 - Deploy a new VBR Manager/Console (migrating VBR Console in one of the servers), and using the server as all in one solution (all veeam functions) and the second server as proxy/repository just for workload/jobs balance.
---------also easy, just have few steps more to migrate VBR Manager before doing same steps as option 1.

3 - any other options?????

The new servers is for access snapshot features from production storage and a new dedicated storage for repository. (today I just use some jobs with snapshot only for instant recoveries, but without SAN access I can't do backup from snapshot), and I need to have separate jobs for instant recovery / snaptshot based, and "normal" vmware proxy backups for daily backups. (using a large VM as repository on a Dell PowerFlex storage).
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Re: New infrastrucre Upgrade recomendations

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"better" depends on the requirements :-)

Many customers with geo-redundant storage go for a virtual backup server because it fails over to the other site automatically.

In smaller environments (up to 1000 VMs), I usually recommend the all-in-one solution for simplicity and because it avoids any chicken-egg issues. Local configuration database!

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