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New installation

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Hi -

I've read through the forum and didn't come across a posting that addressed my specific goal. We're new to VMware AND iSCSI and are just looking for confirmation/clarification on how we're thinking we'll implement Veeam into our backup solution.

We are putting together a new Vsphere 4 environment (hasn't been implemented yet) with 3 ESXi hosts and an HP P2000 G3 iSCSI san. We currently use BUExec (Disk to Disk to Tape) utlizing DAS for the disk backups and then back those up to tape. Am I correct in believing that I can run the Veeam server in a VM on one of the ESXi hosts and set the target for BU's as a LUN on the SAN and then (using software iSCSI on my existing BUExec server) access that same LUN in RO mode to put the Veeam files on tape? Our entire environment won't be virtualized over night so I need to keep the existing backup solution in place for those hosts (I don't think the server is up to snuff enough to run Veeam and BUExec anyway)...but it does have a spare Gbit NIC in it.

Am I on the right track, or is a search party in order?

Thanks in advance.

Vitaliy S.
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Re: New installation

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Hello Matt,

I'm not sure I got you right, but yes, if you're able to present the iSCSI SAN LUN as a local NTFS formatted disk to Veeam Backup server via ISCSI initiator, then you should be able to chose this disk as a backup destination. And then you should present the same LUN for your BE server to be able to write backup files to tape.

Also I think you may be interested in our whitepaper that describes best practices of integration Veeam Backup and Backup Exec. You can request this paper through of support or your Veeam sales rep.


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