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New replication jobs all fail!!

Post by pcmmitham »

We've been using Veeam B&R for a while now and the backup functionality is great! but replication on the other had.... We have not been able to get one relication job to work on the LAN! Each Job I create fails with the same error

Building VM list
Failed to get storage '6745a759-2205-4cd2-b172-8ec8f7e60ef8:G:\Backups\Backup Great Plains\Backup Great Plains2012-05-04T182054.vrb' for backup '6b597aa7-30a6-4775-9a35-12ea53ba45bd': already exist in backup 'd79f6d40-e12d-418d-a6c2-bee3f2f952dd'

The odd thing is I get this for EVERY VM I setup for replication. VBR seems to be obsessed with getting the backup data for any VM i tryto replicate from this one particcular vrb file! Something is very wrong here!!

I'd log a ticket but the support site is currently down. ( and the hold music is driving me crazy!!) Anyone seen this before??


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Re: New replication jobs all fail!!

Post by Gostev »

Hi Pierre, from the error it does not looks like you are using v6 replication at all, because it does not use VRB files. It looks like you are still on legacy application engine (v5 jobs), which is about 10-20x slower and less reliable. For best results with replication, I would definitely recommend to re-create jobs and leverage the new v6 proxy architecture with backup proxies in both production and DR site. You can re-use existing replica VMs as seeds (using replica mapping functionality) to avoid full re-sync over WAN. Thanks!

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Re: New replication jobs all fail!!

Post by jumbo22 »


I'm experiencing the same problem... I am definately using v6.

I have two ESXi5 nodes at the HO site and one ESXi5 node at the DR site

In preparation for setting up replication between HO and DR site I had all three nodes at the HO. I copied a successful backup to a Windows 7 VM located on the third node. This Windows 7 VM was added to B&R and has the proxy and repository role installed. After having successfully copied the backup from the B&R repository to the new backup repository I moved the third ESXi node to the DC.

After having made sure that DNS is working between the two sites I created a replication job using the new repository to seed the replicas. The below is what I received:

Building VM list
Failed to get storage '290d70a9-d202-4d95-8402-016f2391e583:E:\Backups\Daily Backup\Daily Backup of Windows Server VMs _Take 1_2012-05-09T200031.vrb' for backup 'fd7b7cee-0a04-4681-9047-38a79328f369': already exist in backup '5fe5c399-45d9-4dea-8e18-f03b0c19b925'

As above, its referencing a different VM in a different repository folder to the VM I am trying to replicate

Can you please help?


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Re: New replication jobs all fail!!

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Simon, all technical issues require full debug logs investigation, so please contact our support team for assistance directly. Also I would appreciate if you could post your ticket number so we could update this topic with a resolution. Thanks!

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