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NFS \ NBD mode \ ESXi 4.1

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As mentioned in the other thread I'm just considering my options for backing up VMs at the moment and noticed that there's meant to be an improvement to the NBD backup speeds on ESX 4.1 to the point where it should be a usable method of backing up and not slowed down to 11-15MB transfer rates?

Just wondering if anyone can confirm their NBD performance on ESXi 4.1, particularly if running from NFS? I have a feeling it might still be slow but wanted to know for sure before deciding what to do...
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Re: NFS \ NBD mode \ ESXi 4.1

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Gerrard, please be aware even though VMware has improved NBD performance with the latest patches, you will still not be able to achieve the same performance as you might have with NFS + Virtual Appliance mode.
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