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No recovery of failed replica's

Post by cag »

I have noticed an number of problems with replication, and I need to know if this is normal.
1. replication works for a couple of days. We keep max 3 replica's. first replication runs at about 12MB/S, the following replica's run at about 100MB/s due to CBT. Great. Then the process crashes during a replication, leaves a snapshot behind and the next repliation is back to 12MB/s. Why doesn't the replication start up where is last left off ? What happened to CBT ?

Is there no recovery built into the application. Seems I have lost all the history of previous restore points ?
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Re: No recovery of failed replica's

Post by Gostev »

CBT works fine, but there is no "resume" functionality in the replication. Complete incremental pass is required.

I don't understand your last question?
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