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OEM Installations Virtualization & Recovery

Post by LThibx » Aug 02, 2017 11:30 pm 1 person likes this post

I am a small MSP. Besides being a Veeam VCSP, I also sometimes deal with other B&R products.
I was reading thru another vendors administration guide to review its capabilities and I ran upon this section:

OEM Installations
  • Microsoft Windows systems distributed as OEM installations are not supported for
    virtualization. Many OEM distributions are deliberately crippled so that they will not run as
    a virtual machine.

    Virtualizing Microsoft OEM distributions is a violation of the Microsoft Licensing Terms and
    Conditions. <vendor/software> will not provide support for virtualizing OEM distributions of
    Microsoft operating systems.

    Recovery of Microsoft OEM distributions to new hardware is a violation of the Microsoft
    Licensing Terms and Conditions. OEM distributions may only legally be recovered onto
    the original hardware on which it shipped. <vendor/software> will not provide support for
    recovery of OEM distributions to replacement hardware.
So I was wondering whether VBR or Veeam the company makes the same claim. Haven't seen anything of it in the documentation.
I really would like to know Veeam handles this, both from the software standpoint & from Veeam the company's point of view.

With that info as posted above, it makes me rethink the whole Server / Licensing provision issue.
Again as an MSP, I do often procure & setup new server equipment (primarily Dell servers), and I know that by default OS licenses would be OEM.
So the above criteria from a BDR standpoint makes the BDR process defunct by default.
Having this in the back of my mind before now, I often thought that Microsoft should provide exceptions when a disaster recovery situation occurs.

Would really like some definitive feedback on this issue. Hope someone can enlighten me.


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Re: OEM Installations Virtualization & Recovery

Post by oliverL » Aug 03, 2017 11:16 am

This comes from the fact, that the OEM-License is sold as a bundle with the phsycial Server - like when you buy an Dell Server with a Dell OEM Windows Server 2016 16-Core License the License is bundled to the physical Dell Server (thats why you get a sticker with you which has to be sticked to the physical Server and isn't allowed to be removed).
But when you use the Dell-Server as your Virtualization Host then everything is cool (altough don't forget that from the MS-licensing side you aren't allowed to vMotion a VM with the OEM-License to another Server!).

Therefore for you and your Customer it would be better to use either ROP-Licenses or Licenses provided from Volume-Licensing (if you had to get a customer trough a License Verification by Microsoft you will see why :) )

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