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Offsite Backup of Veeam Backup

Post by jcadengo »

Is there a way to have Veeam never modify/change the first full backup file (VBK)? I have read many posts about using rsync to copy your local Veeam backups offsite. The issue here is that RSync will copy the VBK file each time becuase it is modified during every backup job. Is there a setting to tell Veeam not to modify the VBK file and only create new VRB files?
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Re: Offsite Backup of Veeam Backup

Post by Gostev »

Well, reversed-incremental backup mode is all about having latest restore point available full backup file. So, of course VBK has to be updated during each incremental backup run. VRB files, on the other hand, are static.

If you do not want your full backup files to be modified, you should go with "normal" incremental backup mode instead.
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