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Offsite backup scenario help

Post by sbos »

Hi a everybody, I'm still in a design phase for a quite similar project....
My requirement are:
- keep local backups for a determined windows, in order to address human errors and small faults
- have the the day's before last image available at a remote site, ready for DR
- around 50 GB of variation daily

I have spent several hour reading through the forum, and the best answer seems to be:
a- have a standard backup local, AND
b- use a Linux target set up at the remote site, leveraging the agent that can do a full synthetic from the daily incremental.
I repeat, I'm, writing this post BEFORE starting experimenting..
So, my question are:
1- sanity check: am I alright? Am I missing some point?
2- Can VCB do the local and the remote backup at the same time? Can I schedule it in two different job?
3- Is the Linux agent managed, so that I can see the "full synthetic" rebuild results on the main server (you know, problems happen)?
4- what happens when the main VCB server is no longer available? Should I install a fresh VCB server at the DR site?
can I use an (older) image of the VCB production server (I'm thinking of an appliance config)?

Finally, I see so many people discussing this kind of problems, probably an application paper would be useful
thank you and best regards

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Re: Offsite Incremental to Synthetic Full Utility

Post by Gostev »

Hi & welcome.

I am splitting this into new topic, not to hi-jack the original thread with discussion of specific scenario.

1. You are right.
2. You should schedule separate jobs.
3. Sure, fully managed.
4. Veeam Backup does not use VCB at all, we use vStorage API. Most important thing to keep is your configuration database (this is where all jobs are stored), actual backup server can be re-installed in no time when there is an existing database to point to. Although you do not need a database to restore from backups, they are self-sufficient.


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