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Offsite backup?

Post by johanb2b »


Maybe im stupid..

I have a Veeam installation up and running with a daily backup of my servers to a local storage at my backupserver.

I would like to transfer or duplicate my backups to a NAS at a remote office. Its ok if the first backup take a while but how to do then? Every backup creates a small file with the changes since last backup, but it also changes the "modified" date on the large file..

How do i configure my backupserver to create daily small backups at both my locations without a large amount of data to transfer to my offsite NAS?
Alexey D.

Re: Offsite backup?

Post by Alexey D. »

Hello Johan,

There are several existing topics with solutions for your task. Please refer to this one, for example: Replicating backups offsite, or search for offsite with the forum's search to find additional discussions. Thanks!
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