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Old files in Rotation Disk

Post by bahooo »

We are testing rotation disk feature. I already selected rotation disk section under repository.
It actually works. But my question is that when I use copy job, it copies file to shared rotation drive via network. After that, I am changing the drive and then, it saves one more Full to new drive. Okay its fine actually. Then, I rechange it, it creates one more Full backup in new drive even if there is already another full backup in new drive. On the other hand, it doesn't delete old Full backup from new drive. So, Full backups are being many. This happens in both drive. I don't know what you are working with this but, I don't want to create manual script because this is USB drive and drive letter usually changes. So, script can be fail or delete wrong backups from different hard drive.

In addition, I already put the retention policy min which is 2. I cannot make it 1. But even if I use copy job for one more full backup, it creates INC and copy it. But it still doesn't delete far older backups.


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Re: Old files in Rotation Disk

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Hi Bahadir, please review this KB article, you should use registry value to achieve what you're after.

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