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Old Restore Points not Automatically Purging

Post by careint »


We have a 5-day restore retention polcy, but Veeam does not seem to remove the backups that are older than 5 days.

Our backup policy: Fri (Full), Mon (Inc), Tue (Inc), Wed (inc), Thu (Inc). Then it's repeated like that every week. So we have a full backup performed every Friday, and incrementals from Monday to Thursday.

At the moment, in our backup drive, we have these files:


The top file, "vSphere2011-05-02T230039.vib" was Monday's (last night) and the bottom file is 3 Fridays ago. The bottom two files in the red box should have been automatically purged by now.

Any ideas?


Alexey D.

Re: Old Restore Points not Automatically Purging

Post by Alexey D. »

Hello Joe,

Please perform a simple test: start a restore operation and check the list of available restore points. If these two points are present, it means there are records on them in B&R's database. If so, your case has to be investigated by our support team.

If these points are not listed - B&R doesn't know about them and doesn't take in account when applying retention policy. It could happen that somebody copied the files to this folder by mistake, for example.
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