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Opening an SR where the contact person is different

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We are a Veeam partner who provide professional services both to deploy and configure Veeam for the end-user and also to provide ongoing support for their systems after deployment. We have run into this issue on several occasions now, and I'd like to know if there's a better solution - the scenario goes something like this:
- Customer calls us to look into a problem
- We perform initial troubleshooting on the environment and identify an issue that requires input from Veeam support
- We communicate this to the end-user
- End-user requests that we open an SR with Veeam and continue to work the problem on their behalf

At this point, the only way I'm aware of to open the SR under the correct account is to either a) ask the end-user to open the SR; b) Ask the end-user to login to the support portal, then let us use the system to submit the SR; or c) Ask the end-user for their login credentials for the support portal. We then add a note to the SR requesting that all correspondence should be directed to us and hope that the support representative at Veeam actually e-mail us. Unfortunately, this isn't often the case, and the following chain of events occurs:
- SR is opened, with a note asking that correspondence be directed to us
- Veeam support rep responds via ticketing system only, which sends an e-mail to the end user
- End-user ignores the e-mail as he believes that we are following up
- Veeam support system e-mails reminder e-mails to end-user
- End-user either forwards this to us, alerting us to the issue so we can follow-up; or ignores these and the ticket is closed due to lack of response.

I could open the SR under my Veeam account, but that then opens the SR as an evaluation SR and doesn't tie it to the end-user.

We provide the same services around VMware and don't have this problem as VMware's support portal allows multiple users to be granted access to the support portal for that account. This means that when we need to open an SR, we login under our own accounts and open the SR under that end-user. This means that all the automated messages from the ticketing system come direct to us, and there aren't any problems.

I'd love to know if there's a way around this

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Re: Opening an SR where the contact person is different

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Hello Matt,

I have just had a quick call with our regional director of support for EMEA & APAC where we have discussed the usual practice that our partners follow in these cases. Basically, what our partners do is open support tickets using their own accounts on behalf of the managed customers. If there is a need to do a WebEx session or some extra debug information is required, all communication is still done via partner and partner's account.

As far as I know all Veeam partner tickets are placed into a dedicated ticket queue in our support tracking system, so the engineer that picks up the case from that queue is already aware that you are the partner and most likely you have opened the case on behalf of your customer.
mattinx wrote:I could open the SR under my Veeam account, but that then opens the SR as an evaluation SR and doesn't tie it to the end-user.
This should not open a SR as an evaluation SR. If this is the case, then you should inform your support engineer about this, so he could fix that for you.

Hope this helps!

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