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Orphaned Backup Clean up

Post by jcofin13 »

Version 11a.

I have a backup job that was deleted a long time ago. It only had 1 vm in it and that vm was about 5tb in size.

The orphaned backup shows there is one restore point remaining as of 1/1/2022 and this appears to be the "yearly". I suspect the old job had "yearlys: set for 7 years as far as the "keep certain full backups longer for archival purposes" setting were set. . RIght now it says that that vm cant be removed until 2029 due to immutability. Is there any way to clean this up? There is no job so there are no settings to change or tweak as far as GFS goes; There is only this giant vm sitting where we cant touch it.

I did confirm that on each of my repos in the the SOBR are set to "Make recent backups immutable for 14 days" but my understanding is if you use the "keep certain full backups longer for archival purposes" in the backup job itself, that those number make your immutable storage duration take on those additional dates as well.
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Re: Orphaned Backup Clean up

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yes, GFS restore points are immutable for the entire period of time.

Your Linux administrator (root on the Hardened Repository) can remove the backup. From the backup server side, there is no way to delete it. You can only "remove from configuration" so that the backup server forgets about the backup.

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