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over 1TB vmdks

Post by theflakes »

I have a file server with two 1.5TB vmdks. Each 1.5TB vmdk is in its own dedicated LUN. I've been using VA mode to back these vmdks up for three months without issue. I've restored individual files from the backups without problems as well. Should I switch to VMware vStorage API Network Mode? Just wondering as I've seen a couple threads that recommend not using VA mode on any hosts with over 1TB vmdks.

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Re: over 1TB vmdks

Post by Gostev »

Hi Brain, if it works fine for you, then probably there is no reason to touch what is working. There is no official recommendation from Veeam not to use VA mode with VMDKs over 1TB, it is just one of the reason hotadd of these disks may fail. This is not Veeam Backup known issue or anything, I have picked up from VDDK (vStorage API) release notes, so I cannot comment under what specific circumstances this becomes an issue. But as long as Veeam Backup is able to hotadd these disks, you are fine. Thanks!
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