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Overwrite VBK file - Help!!

Post by ADM »

I'm using Veeam v5 backing up to an RDX drive using Reversed Incremental with 1 restore point which has been working perfectly well.
I now have second RDX disk to enable me to take one of site every night and this is where my problems have begun!!

The first full back up works perfectly, that disk is then taken off site.
The second disk is inserted and as there is no VBK on the disk, it creates a new one and does this successfully. So far so good.
We then take the second disk offsite and insert the first one which has the older full backup VBK file on it. Instead of writing the latest data to that VBK file, it creates a new VBK file on the disk and then promptly fails as it runs out of space.

Is there any way to get Veeam to write the changed blocks to the older VBK file, as it would if he same disk is left in, or even a way to automagically delete the existing VBK file so that it does a full backup every night?

Is Reversed Incremental the right way to be doing this or should I be using a different option?

Please HELP!!!

Many Thanks


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Re: Overwrite VBK file - Help!!

Post by Gostev »

Hi Chris, frankly I see no workarounds right now except deleting existing file manually. Guess we need to add pre-job script or something...

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