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Parallell vm backup backups

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I hvae a question about creation backup jobs.
Iv'e installed the VBR, and hav organized the VM's in vSphere like Dev/Test/Prod with some hundreds VM's under each.
Each folder represents a Cluster about 8 physical servers.
I first started creating 3 jobs - one for each folder, but realized VBR runs backup of VM's sequencially. The backup takes days!.
Reading through the docs, I realize i must create several jobs to run paralell. Seems to me I need to create for example 8 jobs (1 per server) for increasing paralellism...

Question is, how can I increase paralellism to the 3 original jobs with hundreds of vms?


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Re: Parallell vm backup backups

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Hi Kristen,

If you want to run more jobs in parallel you can configure 2-3 jobs per backup server (usually it is enough to fully saturate CPU resources on the server). And then, of course, you can add more backup servers too for even more parallel jobs. This will allow you to have more jobs running a the same time and to manage everything centrally from the Enterprise Manager console.


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