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Perform "Initial Replication" more than once

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We are new to Veeam and are trying to setup replication for a file server VM with a total of 5TB of data (a few 1TB and 2TB vmdks) to a remote site. Our WAN link is slow so, to speed up the transfer, we intend to perform an initial replication of the VM to a removable device. The largest removable USB device we could get our hands on, however, is a 2TB hard disk. Is there some way of performing the "initial replication" more than once so we can transport the vmdks individually, combine them at the destination, then continue with the replication via WAN? Thanks for any help or advice in advance.


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Re: Perform "Initial Replication" more than once

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Hello, sure - just select another storage as destination, then pick the files from there and move them on your 2TB hard disk one by one or something. It does not really matter what seed destination you specify in the job wizard, it does not have to be the actual storage you will be using to move the files. Thanks.

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