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Physical Oracle hosts, NetApp attached storage

Post by dguinn »

I have a rather interesting situation I'm trying to get set up for backup. We have Oracle RAC set up on physical hosts, with the database running from LUNs on NetApp NFS shares.

What I am trying to do is to put the Oracle DB into hot backup mode, then snap the NetApp volumes, and then come out of hot backup.

Unfortunately, I'm not really finding any way we can do that with Veeam at this point - perhaps if we can write a script that does that and call it with a backup job?

Anyone else run into this before?

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Re: Physical Oracle hosts, NetApp attached storage

Post by HannesK »

as you write in the Backup & Replication forum: databases running on NFS shares are not part of a VM. They are just "outside" like RDMs or iSCSI LUNs. It's a physical machine with a virtual OS. So there is no way for "hot backup" from a Backup & Replication VM backup perspective (no VMware snapshot -> no backup).

For RAC cluster backup of physical servers: the RMAN plugin is your friend ... l?ver=95u4

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