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Physically Multi-homed backup server - better performance

Post by scott.hale » Aug 18, 2012 2:32 pm

I am always trying to squeeze out a little more performance, so here is my proposed setup - does any one have experience with a multi-homed server setup improving performance ?

Here is what I am doing: A single physical system with two network interface cards (8 Gb Phy RAM, 2 x Quad core proc's, WIN7 x64 OS), both NIC's are on 1Gbps LAN's, one NIC on the SAN and NAS target LAN using 9k jumbo frames ("LAN-Free" SAN-2-NAS backups), and the other NIC on the LAN ("Management LAN" with standard ether MTU of 1500) that communicates with the VCenter server.

Observing with the basic monitoring tools like win task manager, I seem to be getting good utilization on the SAN-NAS jumbo frame NIC at a steady 50% plus utilization, and Veeam UI shows 40Mb/s throughput backing up a VM that has never been backed-up before (Full/1st time).

Thoughts or feedback ?

Thanks !

Scott Hale

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Re: Physically Multi-homed backup server - better performanc

Post by Gostev » Aug 19, 2012 7:08 pm

Try disabling autotuning in Windows (see FAQ on iSCSI performance improvements). This is often reported to almost double network utilization right away. Please, post your results!

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