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Possible Logistical Suggestion Re: Replication

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Perhaps it got changed in the new 6.5 release... I didn't see anything, but it doesn't mean that it just didn't get documented.

When a VM which had the size of a VM Disk changed, the job log shows:
1) Resources Assigned
2) Processing Started
3) VMDK details
4 & 5) Proxy details
6) Discovering Replica
7) Preparing Replica
8) Creating Snapshot
9) Processing Configuration
VM disk size changed since last sync, deleting all restore points
Deleting All Restore Points

Now... to me it seems logical that the snapshot on the source should not be opened up until it's actually time to replicate. Were steps 8 and 9 reversed (that is, look at the configuration before you create the snapshot), and the replica 'prepared' (which in truth could be completely unrelated to the context I'm referring to) after the source were processed, you'd end up with a snapshot being open for a shorter period of time.

Just a thought?

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Re: Possible Logistical Suggestion Re: Replication

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But what if someone made a change to the VM after the "processing configuration" but prior to the "creating snapshot" (I know a long shot, but could is theoritically possible happen). Snapshots can revert such changes as well so that could lead to problems. You pretty much have to take the snapshot prior to processing the configuration to make sure that the configuration is a perfect match of the snapshot being replicated.

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