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Post VMware snapshot script with storage integration

Post by timmi2704 » May 15, 2018 12:15 pm

Hey forum,
I was just wondering whether I missed something or whether I found a potentially missing feature ;)

For automated scruipt execution, I see the following options:
1. Pre Job
2. Pre VMware snapshot creation freeze
3. Post Vm ware snapshot creation thaw
4. Post Job

But what I am looking for is a Post VMware snapshot removal script executor.
Did I miss anything there?

As we now make use of storage snapshot integration, I do see the need for this in order to take care of some stubborn applications and their missing fault tolerance for database server freezes in course of the VMware snapshot creation and removal. There is a time frame during which there are no VMware snapshots on a VM while the backup server pulls data from the storage snapshot. This is the time frame that I would have to wait if I wanted to use post job scripts.

Thanks for any insight. Regards

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Re: Post VMware snapshot script with storage integration

Post by PTide » May 31, 2018 12:20 pm


Sorry for the delayed response :)

In other words, THIS is what you want, right?

Create Vmware Snap ----> Create Storage Snap ----> Delete Vmware Snap ----> [YOUR SCRIPT] ----> ...

BTW, would you give an example of an applications that is having problems after snapshot creation/deletion, please?


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