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Postreplica trigger for a backupjob on a second veeam server

Post by Djeten »


We have expanded our veeam backup environment to a third location.

We have 2 Veeam backup servers (both have acces tot the same vpshere environment. One thats coordinating the replication (Veeam_rep_srv) and one that takes an extra backup from the replicas (Veeam_backup_srv)

Now, the veeam replica's are taken every 4 hours, and at noon a veeam backup job, that is transfered to tape.


source: file-srv - dest: file-srv_replica (every 4 hours) - replication job on server (Veeam_rep_srv)
source: file-srv_replica - dest. veeam backup files (every noon) backup job on server (Veeam_backup_srv)

this setup is ok, but I wan't to trigger the backup jobs on the second server with a post replica job after the replication is finished. So the extra backup is taken immediatly after replication job.

Can someone help me making a script calling for the backup from the job on Veeam_rep_srv pointing to a job on the Veeam_backup_srv. I'm not a script expert at all.

thanks for your suggestions,

Didier Boydens

Alexey D.

Re: Postreplica trigger for a backupjob on a second veeam se

Post by Alexey D. »

Hello Didier,

There is no method you can trigger a remote job run using native Veeam B+R functionality, but as a workaround you may take an idea for script from Vitaliy's post: Backup Exec and Veeam Backup and Replication. Should help.

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