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Problem with first backup

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I've just downloaded and installed Veeam backup (in demo mode) and my first backup of a VM is failing. The VM is Server 2003 SE SP2. The backup is configured as follows:
- vStorage API - Virtual Appliance
- Not using change block tracking
- VSS integration enabled

When the job runs I see the following happening:
- Snapshot of VM is taken
- Disks are connected to appliance
- Jobs sits for 5 minutes, occasional CPU activity on appliance
- Snapshot of appliance is unsuccessfully removed

So I see that 2 things wrong here:
- backup is failing
- Disks are not removed from appliance before snapshot is deleted. If I remove the disks manually I can successfully delete the snapshot

I have disabled UAC, made the service account a local admin on the appliance, on the server being backed up and also on the vSphere datacentre. I've disabled automount using diskpart. I've even tried drinking beer. None of these helped, although I feel better about it now.

Installation Information
Appliance is Server 2003 R2, domain member, all patches installed. hardware is version 7, 2 x vCPU, 2GB RAM. Backup destination is 1TB 'local' disk
Hosts are ESX4i, all patches up to date
I installed SQL Express separately so that I could specify the it's location then installed Veeam

Any suggestions? I was kinda hoping that it would just work.

Anyhows, it's almost 6pm on Friday here in Kiwiland so I'm off for the weekend. Will tackle this again on Monday.


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Re: Problem with first backup

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Hello Chris,

It's hard to say what is going wrong there without seeing full log files. Have you already opened a support case? If no, please contact Veeam Technical Support for assistance directly.

Thank you!

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