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Problem with Restore from NAS Share

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Before deleting, think about, I have no Support ID and because of that, I can't create a support case before, cause the Support ID is required and there is no at the Free Edition.


my Backup Server has a file storage drive, which is a share from a QNAP mapped to the Server.

If i go to this Computer in Veeam, the Share is not shown with the Driver Letter. Only if i write \\NASNAME\Sharename I can access. Sometimes Veaam has some troubles to connect, at the Backup Configuration, but I got it to work.

But my active issue is, that a restore of a backuped VM from that Network Share fails every time with the Message:

"Restore job failed Error: The user name or password is incorrect. Failed to restore ..." In the Message further stands: DataTransfer.RestoreText

The strange thing is, that I can select the backup file from that share before in the backup job, he reads the configuration, the drives and every information, but in the Restore procedure, it fails with that.
If I do the same Restore, with the same file, but when it is stored at the Veeam Server Drive C:, everything works without problem.

What could be the problem of this?

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Re: Problem with Restore from NAS Share

Post by foggy »

You should be able to open a case via phone, support ID will not be required. Thanks!

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