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Problems importing backup from share.

Post by BjornOKK »


I have just downloaded v6.0 to try it out (installed on a separate virtual server).
We are using v5.0 in our production enviroment.

I wanted to import a backup to test it out, and I keep getting this error message:

The share is located in a QNAP NAS that is added to the AD domain

I have tested the share and it works fine in explorer. I have also copied some smaller jobs locally to the veeam 6.0 server and it seems to import just fine.

I have both added the domain administrator account (current user on the server) and the veeam service account to the NAS share without any luck. I also tried open the share with full control for everyone, still no luck.

Copying the backup locally to the server is not an option since this backup file is about 1,5TB large.

this is our production backup, and it works fine on the v5.0 server, I have not tried to import it there though, not sure if that is an good idea since its allready in the production database.

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Re: Problems importing backup from share.

Post by tsightler »

This is documented in the release notes for V6. There is a known issue importing backups from a CIFS share that requires credentials. However, you can create a repository that points at this location with the required credentials and then perfrom a "rescan" operation to accomplish the same basic goal.

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Re: Problems importing backup from share.

Post by aladd »

I'm having the same problem and followed the suggestion of adding a repository. The rescan runns in a couple of second but doesn't import any backups. There is almost 600 GB of data in the file share.

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Re: Problems importing backup from share.

Post by Gostev »

Please contact support for assistance, they will be able to do it for you correctly via the webex.

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