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Problems Restoring Exchange DAG Member VM

Post by EvoTom » Oct 12, 2016 7:57 am

We are having some issues when doing a DR exercise on our Exchange environment. The environment consists of 3 servers in a DAG; two production servers with the 16 mailbox distributed between them based in the UK, one dr site with a non-active copy of each database based in Germany. The two UK servers are backed up from the UK Veeam server on separate days (i.e. server1 runs Monday, server2 runs Tuesday), the Germany Exchange server is backed up daily from the German Veeam server. All jobs are using Application-aware processing.

The restore we are trying to perform is an entire VM restore of the DR site. The orignal VM is powered off and then the VM restored from backup to the original location. When the restore is powered back on most of the databases are failing with the following errors in the event log:
At '10/12/2016 8:31:31 AM' the copy of 'DB1' on this server experienced an error that requires it be reseeded. For more detail about this failure, consult the Event log on the server for other storage and "ExchangeStoreDb" events. The passive database copy has been suspended.
Incremental seeding of database DB1\SVR3 encountered an error. A full reseed is required. Error: Incremental reseed check failed because 'TCP:SRV1.domain.com/DB1\E0A00133471.log' is missing.
So now we are having to do a full reseed of all databases. Any ideas how to prevent this?

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Re: Problems Restoring Exchange DAG Member VM

Post by foggy » Oct 13, 2016 1:51 pm

I'd say this is expected, Exchange requires databases reseed since they are out of sync. It's like you turn the node off for some time and turn it then back on, it might occur that simple sync is not enough and full reseed is required.

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