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problems with snapshot and blocksize

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we have encountered a problem with a customer, where we dident had i mind that we had to save atleast 2Gigabyte of space for the backup due to the snapshot

So current setup is:

vmware esxi 4.1 u1
veeeam 5.0.2

So im basiclly limited to taking backup of my virtual machines thats under the 255gb harddrive limit,

Do veeam have any options to avoid using the snapshot?
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Re: problems with snapshot and blocksize

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Lars, it is not possible to backup a VM without snapshotting it.

You can change the default snapshot location to any datastore with enough disk space using vSphere Client. Power off VM, then select VM > Summary > Options > General > Configuration Parameters > Add Row. Add workingDir parameter to set a new datastore path for the snapshots. Thanks.
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