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Proxy OS Selection

Post by marty9876 »

Does it make any difference what the Windows OS is for a proxy (backup or replication)? x32 or x64, XP/Win 7/Server 2k3 or 2k8

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Re: Proxy OS Selection

Post by Gostev »

Hi Marty,

Windows Vista and Windows 7 have one limitation around VMware replication that is documented in the release notes included with your download (copied below for convenience), so these two are not ideal if you are using local replication. This will not make any difference if you are replicating over WAN, since it is WAN link speed that will be your bottleneck, not the "network" processing mode performance. Other than this caveat, OS type does not make any difference.

• Windows Vista and Windows 7 based backup proxy servers support “network” processing mode only for populating replica disks with data during incremental replication passes and failback. To work around this, install backup proxy servers on other supported Windows versions.
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