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Proxy Selection

Post by Berniebgf »

Hi all,

Firstly, I have read through the FAQ regarding proxy select but it does not answer my question.

Example: I have multiple Virtual Proxies all using "Hot Add", I am performing replication Jobs. I have two sites, flat network all managed by one VirtualCenter.
My DR ESX hosts have visibility to both the DR SAN volumes and the production SAN volumes.

1. With respect to proxy selection is Veeam smart enough to select the same proxy for both source and destination (at the DR site) in this situation? (
Proxy has access to both source and destination Data stores).
The VM is assigned to the proxy --> destination datastore is visible to the same proxy --> makes sense that this would provide the best performance for data moving..
2. Would this be considered 1 task or 2 tasks for the proxy?

Make sense?


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Re: Proxy Selection

Post by Gostev »

Hi Bernie,

1. If you have multiple hot add capable proxies, then different proxies will be picked for source and destination. 2nd task cannot be assigned to proxy until there are other proxies available which are running no tasks (for load balancing reasons). However, if you only have 1 hot add capable proxy, then this proxy will get both tasks.

Of course, you can always force the job to use the desired proxy servers, instead of having them auto-picked by intelligent load balancer.

2. 2 tasks.


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