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Proxy server in different domain

Post by toreml »

We are planning to install a proxy server at a customer site for backup from them to our data center - over a 200 mbit link
They have their own domain - so the question is - can we setup a proxy server in an other domain than the rest of the veeam enviroment?


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Re: Proxy server in different domain

Post by DGrinev »

Hi Tore,

Yes, you can as it's not mandatory to have all the backup components in a single domain, it will be enough if you're able to reach the backup proxy by IP address. Thanks!

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Re: Proxy server in different domain

Post by SakPat »

We are about to setup POC for Veeam backup (in domain1) with the proxy (in domain2). All the target VMs are in Domain2.

Could you help clarify what port(s)/traffic are required under this situation?
Do you also mean that there is no need to setup Trust between the two domains? Is a manual logins to the domain2 is even reuqired on the Backup Server or with help from Credential Manager?

Thank you very much!

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