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Proxy servers gone wild

Post by bhagen »

I'm working in a vmware environment (6.0U3) and have created a couple of veeam proxy servers as virtual machines. They've been running for months, but for some reason today I noticed that one of them is consuming 39TB (with a "T"!!) of space on my vsan!!

I've not noticed this before.

Does a new hdd the size of the currently running backup job get created on the proxy server? Is that what's going on? I say this because I hopped onto the proxy server (windows server 2016) and went to Disk Management to view the disks; 0 - 6 are online, disk 4 is 15.3TB, disks 5 and 6 are 6.2TB each, etc. I left that window open on one screen, and went to create a ticket on my other screen. As I was starting the ticket, something caught my eye...a new hdd popped into the Disk Management view of the proxy server, and now I have a 7th drive that's 200GB!

I do have several backup jobs running currently; I did some re-shuffling of backup jobs last night, pulled a couple huge VMs out of a couple different jobs and created jobs just for them. One VM has 4 drives that total 15.3TB, and the other VM has 2 drives that are 6.2TB each, which corresponds to the drives on the proxy server.

Anyway, decided this looks more like a question than a technical issue, so I didn't start a ticked after all, just came here to ask.

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Re: Proxy servers gone wild

Post by bdufour »

I’ve noticed with vsan - if I add a new disk to a Vm via the vsphere client it shows almost double consumed (depending on policy) than what I actually provisioned. So a 200gb drive will show around 400ish consumed. Vsan is kinda weird with reporting space - think it has to do with raw space consumed and raid configuration.hope this helps clear things up!

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Re: Proxy servers gone wild

Post by jdavidson_waters » 2 people like this post

Sounds like normal hot-add behaviour... ... ation.html

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Re: Proxy servers gone wild

Post by raymonderiley »

this sounds like it has to do with both hot add features and the mere fact that at a minimum VSAN will use double the space, depending on the policy you have given the proxy for VSAN. if you right click the proxy VM and edit the config (without actually saving, click on each disk and then look at the name of each disk. it will likely be the name of the VM's you are backing up, as that is the snapshot itself.

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