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Purge old backup data after moving VM to new Backup Group

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The way we are doing backups is by setting up folders on VCenter ("Backup 1", "Backup 2", etc.) and then setting up Veeam backup jobs that backup those entire folders. That way we can just move new VMs into the folders and know they'll get picked up in the next backup job. And then, if one job starts getting too big or taking too long, we can just shift the VM from one folder to another.
We've discovered a problem, though. So, assume you have "server 1" in the "backup 1" folder and thus its part of the "backup 1" job on Veeam. It gets backed up a few times and then moved to a different folder, let's say "backup 2" for whatever reason. So Veeam picks it up in its backups the next time through as its "backup 2" job.
So this is all fine except for that the data that was originally backed up in the "backup 1" job is still there. That would include the initial full and however many incremental it did before the job was moved. Then the new job ALSO includes the full and incremental, doubling your need for space for that VM. As far as I can tell, there is no way to delete just that one VM's worth of data out of the backup file and, since it is no longer adding incremental, it will not automatically purge anything.
So what can I do to get rid of the space taken by those old, now long out of date, backups?

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Re: Purge old backup data after moving VM to new Backup Group

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Hello Kelly,

To do that, you should initiate Full Backup on this job. Please refer to the existing topic discussing the same question: ... ilit=purge

I will lock this thread to avoid duplicates, if you still have questions please continue posting there. Thank you!


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