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Push or Pull using ESX3 as source?

Post by slidek9 »

Hello :)

We are going to backup our remote fileserver to our mainsite while we upgrade our remote site to ESX4 (from 3.1).

We have a spare ESX host at the remote site.

I was wondering where is the best place to run the Veeam replication server that is going to the replicate to main site, should the server be based here or at the remote site? Should it be a push or pull - as we are not using CBT on the ESX3 server and the source server will need to be scanned when doing a diff (as we are going to replicate 1st weekend then diff update and upgrade work on 2nd weekend) ?
The server is about 600GB and we have a 30mb line - so I was looking for the most efficient use of the data link. I have read that a Pull is better for ESX3, but as we are running ESX4 at the replica target site is this still the best option?

Remote Site
2 * ESX3 hosts <--- veeam server here?
1 * file server that needs to be replicated

Main Site
Lots of ESX4 hosts <-- or veeam server here?
1 * replica file server from remote site

Many thanks for reading!

Vitaliy S.
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Re: Push or Pull using ESX3 as source?

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hello Leon,

It doesn't really matter where to install Veeam server in your scenario. But I would definitely recommend you to use Network replication mode (3rd radiobutton) with service console connection settings specified for both source and target hosts. You can specify the connection settings by going to ESX host's properties (right-click the target/source ESX host in the Veeam Backup Servers tree).

So both scenarios would work.


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