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Quality of support

Post by wpulsifer » Oct 13, 2011 12:34 pm

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the quality of support I have gotten when calling in over the last couple of months. Yesterday was the last straw when after waiting 40 minutes on hold for a production down issue, I was told all I could do was send the logs for the restore and someone would “try” to look at them by tomorrow afternoon. WHAT! Has anyone else had similar issues? How are you all dealing with getting support in a pinch? I have open cases that never get a call back I send logs and get no response until I say that either I found another way to fix my issue or I fixed it myself. What am I paying for here?? Please get better, you have a good product, but you need to have good support as well.

Sorry for the vent…

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Re: Quality of support

Post by Gostev » Oct 13, 2011 12:52 pm

Hello, thank you for your feedback.

When each support case is closed, you get a form to rate, and there is also an option to receive callback from support manager. If you feel that your support case was not handled optimally, I recommend that you use this ability to provide feedback (our Director of Support usually does these calls himself). I strongly encourage that everyone uses this capability to help us improve our support service.

Also, please note that depending on your level of support (Standard or Premium), you can in fact have to wait until the following business day as per our support policy.

I am completely not involved with our support organization so I only can track feedback on social media (specifically, Twitter) and I must say that negative feedback like the one above is extremely rare, and most feedback is very positive. Overall, we are extremely happy with how customers rate our support quality on average. So, I would guess that occasional negative feedback comes down to specific individuals in our support organization, which is it is extremely important that you fill out the feedback form and let us know about the problem.

If you cannot wait until the case is closed, you can always request a callback from manager directly from your support engineer.

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Re: Quality of support

Post by lobo519 » Oct 13, 2011 1:21 pm

I have to be honest - I really like Veeam but I too have had bad support. I had a replication job that was failing and I submitted a support ticket via Email.

9/22 4:56 PM - Submitted issue and received auto reply with instructions "If you are encountering an urgent production issue, please reply to this email immediately and indicate whether you're experiencing a "Production down" or "Production impaired" situation." - to which I replied Production impaired.

9/22 7:28 - Received reply to restart Veeam services and host management agents(already tried that but they have to start some where)

9/23 9:15 AM - Replied that I had tried all steps without any change

- During this time I was able to make a change in the database to clear a lock that was causing issue -

9/23 6:18 PM - "Can you please try restarting the Veeam server and let me know if you still experience the error?"

- Really.....that's it?

9/23 6:30 PM - "I resolved the issue myself which involved making changes in the database.I am extremely disappointed in the response time and content - All you can offer is to restart the server? You can close this case."

The response time wasn't terrible but why have me response with production down or impaired if it doesn't seem to matter? My biggest problem with this is the lack of technical ability of the support rep. I did receive a survey and boy did I fill it out!

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