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Question about backing up datastores

Post by ShadFX »

Morning fellow Veeamers!

We have all of our backup jobs (apart from VCentre) set to backup by LUN, this method works well for us because we have lots of small VM's spread across many small LUNs. However, we may have the odd occaision where we need to put a VDisk from another LUN into one of our VMS, this lead me to thinking what would happen in the following scenario:

Virtual Machine Has two VDisks, 1 on LUN A and 1 on LUN B

Veeam job 1 is setup to backup all VMs on LUN A
Veeam job 2 is setup to backup all VMS on LUN B

Which Job would VDisk 2 be contained in? Im assuming it would be with the VM in Job 1, but am prepared to be wrong! I dont really fancy a situation where I have a machine that I cant restore properly because the 2 disks are in 2 different jobs :)


Alexey D.

Re: Question about backing up datastores

Post by Alexey D. »

Hello Matt,

With your scenario, that VM will be backed up twice, with all the disks - so restore will be fine.

Let me explain how it happens. Veeam B&R triggers an API call to vCenter, asking "which VMs are sitting on a given datastore?" According to VMware's logic, VM is listed on those datastores where it has any of its virtual disks.

For better understanding of this approach, you may use vSphere client, navigate to "Datastores" section, select a desired datastore; then open and explore "Virtual Machines" tab. The list you see is the list B&R has when backing up VMs added through that container.

With your VM with disks spread across 2 datastores you should see it presented in both lists.
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