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Question about failed scheduled jobs

Post by snowmizer »

We have a job set up that has been running according to the schedule created. That is until Monday. Over the weekend we moved some servers from our VMWare 3.5 environment to our vSphere 4.1 environment. These jobs got added to the backup job in question. We noticed yesterday that the backups from Monday night never ran (which I believe is related to a configuration change although not with the schedule itself). When we looked at the job we saw that the last run date was 11/26/11 and the next run date was 11/29/11. In order to get the backups run I manually started this job yesterday. Last night the job didn't start automatically so our oncall person had to manually start the backup again. The job ran fine with the exception of one VM. This morning I fixed the issue with the VM and restarted the job using the "Retry job" option. This VM backed up successfully.

My questions are these:

1. If I run a job today that is scheduled to run tonight am I correct that the job won't run tonight because it is set to run daily and Veeam already thinks the job ran for the day?
2. If I retry a job that ran the previous night (but the retry happened today) will the job start tonight as scheduled (next run time shows tonight)?
3. Since I backed up the VM that failed last night this morning will it get skipped in tonight's backup since Veeam already ran its incremental today?


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Re: Question about failed scheduled jobs

Post by foggy »

1. The job will still run according to the schedule (even if it was manually started on that day).
2. The job will start according to the schedule despite the fact it was retried on that day (the result of the VM retry will be added to the previous day's increment file).
3.The VM will not be skipped during the next scheduled job run.

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