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Question about replication differences

Post by davidb1234 »

Does Veeam replication performance deteriorate over time? Will the differential changes being replicated increase over time?

For example:
1. Seed VM
2. Replicate it
3. Start making changes to the Vm over time including upgrading software, windows patches, etc
4. Won't the size of the differential changes each day increase more and more over time or does the original VMDK file every get updated with these differential changes

I would think that the original .vmdk file would get more and more out of sync over time and the snapshot files would become increasingly larger over time.

Can someone clarify? Or does it operate like reverse incremental Veeam jobs where the original .vmdk file is updated with the changes each replication interval and only the snapshots contain the older stuff.

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Re: Question about replication differences

Post by Gostev »

Veeam replication is incremental, not differential - so there is no deterioration of any kind.

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