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Question about site setup v6

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I have a question about our current veeam backup infrastructure and making better use of the new proxy sturcture in version 6.

Currently we have 4 veeam backup servers each of which process about 120 vm's a night. Each operate as a stand alone install with their own sql database and using themselves as the sole proxy. We thought we could make better use of the server horsepower we have by moving everything to one backup server to use as a 'scheduler' and letting it use all the current servers as proxies. However if we went with this setup,in the case that the 'scheduler' went down we would have no jobs run. Currently if we lose a backup server we still get 3/4 of the datacenter.

The idea was tossed around of virtualizing the 'scheduler' to make it more HA, but not using it as a proxy. We would then use all 4 physical servers as proxies for every job. This should give us better use of the servers and more reliable backups for the virtual machines, since when processing a cluster if one proxy was down the next guest to be processed would use an available proxy. I had a few questions about this setup though. Although we currently meet all our backup windows fine, we are striving for the best results possible so does this setup of using a scheduler make more sense for us? Has anyone else done this? Does veeam run well in a virtual machine?

This would also involve migrating one of the databases over to our production sql cluster, and then rebuilding jobs on the scheduler from the other 3 servers.

Sorry for making this so long, if anyone needs more info regarding specifics of the hardware or current setup I can provide it. Thanks.

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Re: Question about site setup v6

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I would say, these changes make a very good sense. Besides providing ease of control using single console, it allows for more flexible load distribution among proxies as well as more reliable backups. VBR can run in a VM just fine.

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