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Question for Copy Job Cycle, do I get it right?

Post by manuelwall » Apr 12, 2018 9:48 am

Hello folks,

apologies if there is already something similar around, but I need to clarify that for a huge copy job setup that I have to implement for a new customer.

The situation is as follows:

Customer has around 100 VMs and demands the following retention policy:
7 daily
4 weekly
12 monthly
unlimited yearly
!!Archived backups should always be taken on sunday!!

I am achieving this by having
a) 5 normal backup jobs that runs every night and are keeping 7 restore points.

b) 1 copy job that is based on the backup jobs and has the following settings:
Restore Points to keep: 2 (minimum if I am not mistaken)
Weekly Backup: 4 - Sunday 00:01
Monthly Backup: 12 - Last Sunday of the Month
Yearly Backup: 99 - Last Sunday of the Year
Schedule: Copying is allowed on Sunday/Monday

My question now is, what is the correct value for the "copy every..." setting in the first page?
I would assume that it is every 7 days, starting at 00:01. Will this - togehter with the allowed copy window of sunday/monday - guarantee that there is always sunday's restore point copied?

I hope that i have explained it clear. If anything is dubious, feel free to ask.
I am looking forward to your responses!

Best regards,

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Re: Question for Copy Job Cycle, do I get it right?

Post by DGrinev » Apr 12, 2018 12:13 pm

Hi Manuel,

Your understanding is correct, you can stick up with the settings you've described.
Also, copy every 7 days is the correct value for your needs and it means the copy job will create 1 restore point every 7 days with the most recent VMs state. Thanks!

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