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Question on Backups

Post by samuk »

I have configured the backups with 7 roll Backup..

From this i gather that on on the 8th day the 1st roll back is over written..and this carries on...

What happens to the full backup over the days?

Day1 - Full Backup
Day 2 -

Day 9 -

Assuming only 5 Roll backs have occured since the full backup - If i was to delete all the roll back, is the full backup file only for Day 1? or is this current for the Day 5?

Thanks in advance for the clarificaiton...
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Re: Question on Backups

Post by Gostev »

Here's good explanation:
Veeam Synthetic Backup Explained
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Re: Question on Backups

Post by vbussiro »

your backup file will represent :
current day : full backup (vbk)
day minus 1 to day minus 6 : incremental files (vbr), needed to restore older backup.

If you were to delete smaller vbr files, you'll lose your roll back files ( backup history), but not affect your last backup intergrity. This the "reverse incremental" veeam backup' feature.
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