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Quick v5 License question....

Post by Arnold »

OK, so I am looking to upgrade both our Veeam B&R servers at some stage this week. I just had a quick look over the read-me and just want to double check something before I go diving in :P .

We have 2 B&R servers, both, standalone, one in production and one in DR. Looking at the read-me it states under the upgrade section:

"If you are currently using multiple v4 licenses in your deployment, please contact your Veeam representative or email to request a consolidated license key before upgrading."

But if you then look at the "Updating Veeam B&R License" it states:

To install the new license file to a standalone backup server that is not connected to Enterprise Manager server:
1. Select Help > License Information... from the main menu.
2. Click the Install license button to browse to the license file (.lic) that was sent to you after registration to install the license. To learn more, see the Licensing section.

Does the first scenario assume you are running Enterprise Manager?

I trust I should be following scenario 2 and just use the 2 licenses we obtained when we first purchased B&R?

Sorry, a bit of a silly question, but better to be sure and get it right first time than cause un-necessary pain and suffering :P
Alexey D.

Re: Quick v5 License question....

Post by Alexey D. »

Hey Arnold,

To take advantage of brand new features of v5, such as U-AIR, Guest file search, etc. you need to install Enterprise Manager.
So, in your terms, you should follow scenario 1 and get a consolidated key.

Or, if for some reason you want to isolate your 2 B&R installations, you should install 2 instances of Enterprise Manager, one per each site.
In this case you would be using 2 different license keys.

I think the case I explained in the first paragraph is more reasonable :)
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