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ReFS 2019 vs. 2022

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From the B&R v12 release notes:

"10. Are you using Server 2019 based ReFS backup repositories? If yes, avoid upgrading them to Server 2022
and/or mounting ReFS volumes from Server 2019 to new Server 2022 installs until you read this
thread on Veeam R&D forums. Microsoft has addressed the known regression in the ReFS format
upgrade code, the fix is now publicly available."

Quite frankly, I don't really understand what the thread says, and I cannot find the said fix.

This is the situation:

We are running B&R v11a.
The backup server is a Windows Server 2022 with no repos.
We have a new repo server running Windows Server 2022 with two ReFS repos, where all the primary backups are going.
We have an old repo server running Windows Server 2019 with two ReFS repos, where all the backup copies are going.
And we have another old repo server running Windows 2019 with one sealed extent.

We have two SOBRs, one with the two new 2022 repos/extents plus the old sealed 2019 extent, and the other with the two older 2019 repos/extents for the copies.

This is working perfectly in v11a. Will there be any potential problems with this setup if we flat out upgrade to v12, given that we DON'T upgrade the 2019 repos? And do we still need to install that fix that I couldn't find, and if so, where can I find it?

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Re: ReFS 2019 vs. 2022

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Hi, PJ

This is not a new release notes entry for V12, it was present in the V11 release notes as well. This has nothing to deal with upgrading to V11 or V12, but rather with Windows Server 2022 RTM build having an issue described in the mentioned forum thread. We only mention this in our release notes only because our customers like to upgrade all infrastructure components at once, including OS upgrades (while they are at it anyway).

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