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Remote backup copy - advice needed

Post by pizang »


We are doing VMs backup to local storage (directly attached SAS) from Monday to Saturday with incremental backup (synthetic full) - it takes about 2h. On Saturday we transform previous full backup chains into rollback - that takes 15 or even more hours.
The problem is that we want to automatically copy backups to remote storage using robocopy. Issue is where to include run command (bat file)? I can estimate which normal backup will end as the last one but in case of transform job - it is roulette.
Do you have any idea how can automate this so I receive repeatable outcome? I would love to see functionality to run a script when all jobs are done.

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Re: Remote backup copy - advice needed

Post by Gostev »

Hi, there are a few scripts around in the PowerShell subforum which show how to query job status - you can modify them for your needs to start robocopy once all jobs have finished successfully. Thanks!

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