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Remote Replication - setup backup proxies/wan accelerators

Post by el3ctronick » Apr 12, 2018 12:45 pm

I am new here and have a question to ask..and question is stupid but..I have to find out as I am testing stuff.. thanks
So, what I want to do:
currently have 10VMs (approx 4 TB in total) on 2 ESXi hosts in datacenter A and I want to make replication of these VMs. I want the Veeam backup server to rely in Cloud (virtual server) and replicate the VMs to corresponding ESXi Hosts on Cloud. Since I will be using public internet and replication will be done in remote site, I will need backup proxies right? can I have the backup proxy on the target ESXi hosts or need independent VMs? and the same question applies for the on source site, can I have the backup proxy on an ESXi that of the source host? Same applies for WAN accelerators?

Thanking you in advance

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Re: Remote Replication - setup backup proxies/wan accelerato

Post by foggy » Apr 12, 2018 1:46 pm

Yes, you need proxies on both sides. Any existing VM can play the role of the proxy/WAN accelerator, provided it meets the system requirements.

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